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Party Perfect:  Remodeling Your Home for Entertaining

Party Perfect: Remodeling Your Home for Entertaining

While your home is meant for you, plenty of us love using our home to bring our friends and family together. Entertaining is one of the top reasons many of our clients say they engage in a home remodeling/renovation project. Some of the best results we have seen have employed some of the following ideas, many of which involve the kitchen.

The kitchen, where food is prepared, is a natural gathering place for guests, and countless things can be done to enhance the pleasure of spending time in the space. Here are our top 5 additions to make your kitchen the life of the party.

1. The larger the kitchen the better


Not only does this help the cook prepare culinary delights, but also allows the guests ample space to mingle. If your home is older and separated from a nearby family or living room, taking down walls to create an open-concept space is a great way to accomplish this.

2. Centered Island

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Within the large kitchen, a centered island is a great way to create a gathering focal point. Ideally, some sides of the island would have the counter overhang the edge in order to allow seating in those areas with either bar stools or backed high-top chairs. The countertops for both the island and additional surfaces, if made from harder materials such as granite or machined stainless steel, will greatly ease the cleaning process at the end of an event. Finally, consider having your range relocated to sit on the island. This allows the chef/host to engage with guests while cooking, adding another level of entertainment to your gathering.

3. Additional Assets

Additional assets to facilitate the cleaning and cooking process that should be considered are the installation of a second sink and warming drawer. A second sink is extremely useful for holding used dishes waiting to be cleaned while also allowing for food safety, as the other sink can be solely used for food preparation tasks. A warming drawer for larger gatherings can be utilized to keep prepared dishes or plated courses warm until they are ready to be served. This will greatly free up oven space, which is usually a high-value commodity during larger events.

4. Vented Range Hoods


To keep the environment of your kitchen pleasant, a vented range hood is a must. During increased amounts of cooking, there must be an outlet for the steam, smoke, and heat to escape to keep your guests comfortable. Recently, these vented hoods have become a decorated eye-catcher in many kitchens.

5. Wet Bars and Wine Fridges

Concluding on kitchen suggestions, many parties involve the preparation and serving of libations. Inserting a wet bar and wine fridge adjacent to your kitchen gives you the flexibility to prepare your drinks without infringing on the chefs’ duties. This secondary area brings a level of sophistication to your home, making the area truly an ideal social gathering space.

Before your guests arrive in your fully prepared kitchen, they must enter your home. When remodeling, it's important to ensure that the entryway and restroom also look the part.

1. Make A Statement With Your Entryway

Your guests’ first impression of your home will be when they walk through the front door. Your foyer should reflect the general theme of your home and be well-lit and decorated in a manner that intrigues those of what’s to come. While the interior design is important, equally important is its functionality. It should be large enough to not create a bottleneck but not so large as to not create the feeling of being drawn into the other spaces of your home. A good-sized coat closet, umbrella holder, or hat rack all add convenience and ambiance for your guests as they enter.

2. Restroom/Powder Room Overhaul

Inevitably, many will have to make a visit to the restroom during their visit. The powder room should be spacious and enhanced with any amenities anyone may need during their visit. Renovating this space is usually a relatively inexpensive aspect of your total project that can offer a great ROI (return on investment). Essential items are a vented exhaust fan, storage for additional toiletry items, a well-sized mirror, and a towel holder.

By adding some of these ideas to your upcoming home renovation or remodel, you are sure to impress all those who attend your housewarming party and any further gatherings!

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